Corda Developer

June 28, 2022

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Job Description

· Manage & Oversee backend delivery teams

· Provide technical leadership and mentorship via peer reviews and training

· Optimize delivery processes with a proven focus on continuous improvements

· Contribute towards application development

· Ensure application code and process quality standards across the development team

· Create and maintain product and engineering documentation

· Work with the product owners and development team to refine requirements and high-level estimation

· Provide high-level estimations and sizing for upcoming work

· Delegate tasks amongst the team in line with their corresponding skills

· Establish best practices and technical standards amongst the engineering team

· Set and achieve success metrics for the engineering team

· 3+ years’ experience in an enterprise-level environment leading a team

· Must Have – Experienced developing applications with R3 Corda Blockchain

· Experience delivering end-to-end platforms and services

· Familiarity of multiple layers of the infrastructure and application stack from systems / OS development through to networking, middleware and application logic

· Proven problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure

· Strong experience building applications with RESTful style APIs, as well as message queues.

· Understanding how to publish and manage artifacts with a remote repository (i.e. Artifactory, Nexus, etc)

· Understand how to setup, deploy, run and monitor software applications

· Postgres or similar RDBMS development and design

· Security awareness for securing API’s

· Knowledge of cloud-based infrastructure

· Good communicator & leader with ability to work autonomously

· 5+ years development experience using Java 1.8+ & Kotlin

· Experience using frameworks such as Spring & Spring Boot

· Know how to setup build and test pipeline with CI tools (i.e. Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Bitbucket Pipeline, Github Actions, Gitlab)