Logistics Manager

September 15, 2022

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Job Description

• Locate sources for materials, negotiate prices with vendors and find backup sources quickly when problems arise.
• Monitor suppliers to make sure they are keeping up with the current demand after initial contracts have been set up.
• Pay attention to shipments being received from suppliers to identify defects and update Finance to withhold payment for the defective goods or serve as a guide to terminate the supplier’s contract.
• Manage unloading and unpacking of new/received materials, check the contents against the applicable purchase order and update the company’s inventory system.
• Evaluate available packaging options to ensure efficiency and brand awareness at the lowest possible price, and also develop appropriate safety procedures.
• Support demand planning to predict future inventory needs to reduce or eliminate waste of money on excess products that cannot sell or run out of products when demand is high.
• Facilitate getting finished product out of the warehouses, by managing warehouse employees and contacting retailers to assess the supply and demand so that products are consistently stocked on store shelves.
• Communicate with vendors and employees at each step of the process, and coordinate with various parties to completion of transactions.
• Manage deployment of all vehicles and ensure a timely maintenance, licensing and insurance of all vehicles.
• Coordinate with the Sales team to ensure that customer requests are attended to
• Ensure that all Sales Orders and invoices are signed by the appropriate officers before products are dispatched to customers.
• Ensure all gate passes are completed before goods leave the premises.
• Work with the Sales Team members and the Quality Assurance Officer on all returns to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Work on all Form 9 requests and submit to suppliers.
• Liaise with CEPS Officials and Freight forwarders on all shipment issues.
• Ensure oversees customers receive relevant documentations on all shipments
• File all documents in hard and soft for easy access.
• Prepare and submit weekly and monthly logistics report.
• Develop, review and implement procurement policies

• Degree from a recognised University
• Professional Qualification or Masters Degree
• Six years’ experience in a related role
• Ability to use quick books or any inventory management software
• Good understanding of Freezones and warehousing operations
• Working knowledge of shipment processes