Security Services Specialist

July 5, 2022

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Job Description

Lead and direct activities of the Security Department, including implementation of the Security Management System on site in a manner that guarantees the protection of company assets, provide business resilience against threats and guarantee safe conditions for continuous operations.


❖ Supervise the implementation of the Site-Specific Security Plan for the company.

❖ Monitor to ensure site compliance with operational and administrative policies.

❖ Monitor to ensure compliance with e corporate Security Management System.

❖ Update and transmit all additions and reviews to all security plans as and when necessary.

❖ Supervise the implementation of security contracts to ensure optimal Guard Orders, Post Orders, etc.

❖ Oversee Guard deployment, discipline and best service delivery is provided by contractor in accordance with contract terms and conditions.

❖ Supervise the deployment of Government Security Forces and ensure discipline and general command and control of the men.

❖ Document and provide regular reports on security personnel assigned to the Company in areas such as attendance, discipline and other relevant information that may be necessary. Maintain regular visits to all locations under jurisdiction to ensure compliance with operating rules and regulations.

❖ Maintain the integrity of the Access control systems to include but not limited to Company CCTV, Biometric Systems, I.D cards.

❖ Coordinates weekly security staff meeting Government Security Force Liaison

❖ Visit all Government Security Force (GSF units supporting company to maintain cordial relationship and ensure support when services are needed.

❖ Maintain intelligence log book as well as monitor intelligence sources in their support for company operations.

❖ Ensure effective monitoring of the radio communication system.

❖ Ensure compliance with Voluntary Principles of Human Rights.

• Knowledge of local environment

• Good Security Contacts

• Excellent communication skills

• Good Computer skills

• Organizing and supervisory skills


EDUCATION LEVEL – University Degree

EDUCATION FIELD – Administration or Security Management qualified

TOTAL WORK EXPERIENCE – Minimum 5years Professional experience

COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE – knowledge of Microsoft application CERTIFICATE, LICENCE and etc.

OTHER Army or Navy Security background with administrative experience is an added advantage (Preferably a retired Army or Navy Personnel)

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