Program Manager

June 22, 2022

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Job Description


Client and Project Development
o Along with the PFS Headquarter Team, and the West Africa Region Director, will help identify and source potential Clients.

o Conduct initial meetings with previously identified local food processors to assess the potential for high quality and high impact projects.

o Conduct site visits to collect the necessary technical information (e.g., regarding ingredients, suppliers, packers, and processes) to make an informed decision about proceeding with communications.

o In the case of high-potential clients, conduct a thorough business assessment to identify priority needs and potential opportunities for client engagement.

o With client and PFS input, draft a project scope document which articulates the expertise required, target timelines, etc.

o Facilitate alignment on project scope document and obtain sign-off from management and clients prior to commencement of projects. Obtain sign-offs for closure of projects.

Project Management
o Set up communication to deliver technical and business advice on food manufacturing equipment, materials, and processes between PFS volunteers and the client

o Provide ongoing support of the remote knowledge transfer model and act as the bridge between PFS expert volunteers and the processors in the life of the specific projects with strong focus on translating between English, French and local languages without dilution of content.

o Participate in calls with management and volunteer teams, ensuring effective communication and understanding of each other’s expectations.

o Provide on-the-ground support for implementation of technical advice.

o Support, organize and conduct training workshops for clients, as needed, on technical issues ranging from quality control, production process, operations, supply chain, safety and hygiene, working conditions (i.e., wages, safety), and proper environmental management.

o Provide support to client in coordinating the business component of the program with the technical aspects

o Track and report on project progress and highlight any issues that require support from management teams.

o Manage data reporting processes

o Drive data collection from the M&E framework

o Develop well written, cohesive reports that meet the informational needs of donors and investors.

o Upload data and project documentation onto the technology platform.

Technical Assessment and Knowledge Transfer
o Identify and complete technical assessment of ingredients, packaging materials, manufacturing processes, and safety and quality management practices relevant to developing project scope.

o Identify and complete business assessment of marketing, sales, finance, and overall management practices as appropriate.

o Accurately translate technical and business requirements communicated by clients to volunteers.

o Work with PFS volunteers to ensure that technical expertise on equipment, materials and processes as well as overall business management needs are communicated to clients without diluting the essence of recommendations.

o Provide direct support and guidance as appropriate to clients necessary to produce products to maximize capacity and optimize product quality and differentiation.

Required Skills & Experience:

Candidates applying should possess the following requirements:

Must have proper authorizations to work in Nigeria.
B.Sc. in Food Science, Food Technology or related courses. Master’s degree preferred.
Between 5 to 10 years working experience in food processing, preferably with at least 2 in manufacturing / plant.
Must be both a Thinker and a Doer – role will require being both a strategic thinker and actually performing many big and small tasks.
Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) as well as worker safety, social and environmental sustainability.
Highly developed interpersonal and relationship building skills
High degree of comfort in working in unstructured environments
Proven track record in providing technical solutions to food processors.
Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
Strong project management skills.
Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English and French required.
Good computer skills in business software (Excel, MS Project and PowerPoint).
Interested candidates should send their applications (recruiter information) Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.